Norges Bank

Winning proposal for Norway’s new banknotes.
In spring 2014, a competition was held for the design of motifs for the new banknote series. The purpose of the competition was to arrive at a proposal that can be the artistic basis of the new banknote series and communicate the theme “The Sea” in an appropriate manner. These are our proposals.
This concept called “The living spaces” is the main designs selected by the Central Bank of Norway for the obverse sides of the final notes. Snohetta design’s concept will be the starting point for the reverses.
The first bills of this series will be released in 2017. Read more about the work here

Design and concept by Metric
Illustrations by Terje T√łnnesen

Metric banknotes 50
Metric banknotes 100
Metric banknotes 200
Metric banknotes 500
Metric banknotes 1000